Amor Hilton

Chaotic life of an international entertainer & socialite.

5th & Main

Observing, My eyes study them every day.
Like a skipping CD, every morning I awake.
Screaming, Shouting, & then nothing to say.
Another wasted dose of potency to get away.
If it’s been 6 best years, but all wasted days,
Then why do you walk down run-ways,
Knowing at the end there would be pain?

She cries, as does he.
He cries, as does she.
He lies, she loves.
She loves, as he lies.
Wearing a mask of facade’.
She wears her mouth of thought:

Every day, I come closer to the time
I will give him back his heart to say
I love you but you don’t understand
Even if you’re a foot away, I need your hand

Come play:)


Housewiving in the Tiki Bar